Still Screaming

Welcome to Still Screaming

Thank you for visiting Still Screaming. I started this website as a Scream "fan site" back in 1997 (after its UK release).
At the time I was learning how to build websites, so combining that my love of horror movies made a lot of sense.

For a few years I kept the website up to date with the latest news of the sequels; whilst there was still a thriving community around the Scream movies. By the time Scream 3 had been released in 2000, the overall movement in the community had slowed down - there was nothing new to report on or get involved with.

Since then many of the other Scream "fan sites" closed down; while I kept Still Screaming running in an inactive (zombie) state.
There were times when I considered closing down Still Screaming, but since it was my first website, I'm pretty nostalgic about it.
I have no plans to "close down" this website, nor do I have plans to maintain it.

For those who are looking for a fresh source for all things "Scream" related, I highly recommend visiting the Scream Wiki - it is actively maintained and has community forums to get involved with. For factual information, the Scream (film series) page on Wikipedia is useful.

Thanks for visiting!
- Lee Kelleher
(September 2014)